Sydney Sauna – Sydney, Australia

Sydney! Australia! If you made it down under, you probably had a good reason. Feels like the moon might be closer. In any case, if you are seeking some information about Sydney's gay sauna scene, you came to the right place. Sydney Sauna is a beautiful venue and seems that a lot of thought have... Continue Reading →

Sun City – Paris, France

Welcome to Paris! Not my favorite city if I have to be honest. Especially in the boiling summer days of climate change. This city can be a nightmare when temperatures rise above 35 Celsius. Thank god for the fountain of Jardins du Trocadéro (Trocadero Gardens) which will be your only escape if you are visiting... Continue Reading →

Gym Louvre – Paris, France

Welcome to the Gym Louvre, the gay sauna most perfectly located right off the Louvre at the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Finished a day of shopping in the Forum des Halles shopping mall? Well, take just a few steps and you will arrive at 7 Rue du Louvre street to the Gym Louvre sauna. The... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Sauna – Cologne, Germany

Köln may just be the gay capital of Germany, its just that no one outside of Germany has any idea about it. If you are a fan of gay bathhouse establishments, you do must visit Cologne at least one time to experience what it has to offer. Considering how small of a city it is... Continue Reading →

Kaiserbründl Herrensauna – Vienna, Austria

The Kaiserbründl Herrensauna also known as the Central Bath House of Vienna is a historical establishment. It has been discovered to be used even during Roman times, following the discovery of ancient coins linked to the Emperors Heliogabalus and Alexander Severus. This makes this gay sauna more unique than others, with its own magical atmosphere that... Continue Reading →

Plotu – Essen, Germany

Have you ever been to Essen? Probably not. Have you been to Cologne? More chances you have. If you ever get a chance, please take the short train from Cologne or Dusseldorf to visit Pluto sauna in Essen. This just might be the biggest, most outrageous gay sauna you will ever visit! The only reason... Continue Reading →

Cruise Club – Singapore

The Cruise Club may just be as close as you can get to a modern European style gay sauna in Singapore. It is definitely better then the other option two blocks away - the Shogun Club. On the other hand this place charges way more than it should. A SG$6 charge for membership is compulsory... Continue Reading →

Shogun Club – Singapore

Welcome to Singapore. A modern haven in the center of 3rd world countries. Being here for the first time I had to check out the gay saunas' scene pf Singapore as well as in Asia generally. This is a small local place. And I say local since it appears to be locally owned and visited... Continue Reading →

Der Boiler – Berlin, Germany

Who have not heard of Der Boiler? If you have been to Berlin before, and haven't visited this site, well then, you can't be gay. This is a one of a kind sanctuary that has already been discovered by many gay men from around the world. Still, it is frequently visited by locals of course,... Continue Reading →

Metro Club Milano – Milano, Italy

This small but satisfactory sauna is located next to the main train station of Milano which makes it quite convinient for both tourist and locals. Upon entrance you will need the local membership cars. If you do not have it yet, that's no issue. You will just need to pay some extra euros. Overall we... Continue Reading →

SaunApolo 56 – Lisbon, Portugal

Let me begin by saying - SaunApolo 56 is not for the gay faint hearted. It is a combined sauna for men, woman and transgenders. Be prepared for some heterosexual porn broadcasted across the venue. Bisexuals gays and even Heterosexuals are the target audience of SaunApolo 56. To me. This was far from a fun... Continue Reading →

Trombeta Bath – Lisbon, Portugal

Have you ever considered visiting Lisbon? If so, this post will make you jump on a plane to this awesome, beautiful city. I had no big hopes for Lisbon when it comes to a gay sauna. After all, I was quite disappointed with what neighboring Spain had to offer. Luckily, this was a welcoming surprise!... Continue Reading →

Alexander Sauna – Athens, Greece

Let's start by saying that I am already planning my next visit to Athens. Such a magical city. Don't get me wrong, it has many ugly sides - but I was always known for my attraction to sexy-ugly, be it men, fashion or locations! Apparently. So the city of Athens is kind of like a... Continue Reading →

Römersauna – Vienna, Austria

Vienna's Römersauna is what I like to call a boutique sauna - it's rather small and doesn't include all the fancy facilities, but it is well maintained and has all you need to relax and have fun. The place is flawlessly clean (as you'd expect in Vienna) and hosts a mixed crowd of hot guys.... Continue Reading →

Reno’s Relax – Zürich, Switzerland

Reno's Relax is the sweet spot for any homosexual who is turned on by mature man. It is also a place where local German and French speaking men chill and spend their day. I have visited here after the lovely Moustache Sauna and you cannot ignore the differences.

Moustache Sauna – Zurich, Switzerland

So what do we have at Moustache sauna? There is a dry sauna and a dry bio-sauna, whatever that is. To me it just feels like the temperature is far less than in the regular one. There is of course a nice size wet sauna with an in-sauna TV screen which I thought was a nice touch.

Sundeck – Bern, Switzerland

Sundeck was a pleasant surprise. It all starts when they ask you to choose the color of the towel which I thought is a nice feature(later I found out its a swiis gay sauna thing). Then continues when you are given an electronic bracelet key. All you need to do is place it close to your locker and the locker automatically opens up.
The place is actually really nice and most of it is covered with a wall-to-wall rug, which I thought was refreshing, and easy on your "saunad-out" feet.

Chariots Vauxhall – London, UK

I have been in the Vauxhall Chariots before. Last time I was here, a few years back, this place was super empty. This time, it was a Sunday afternoon, and still - not as crowded as I would expect. Maybe this is more of an after party place which explains the thorough inspection performed for each person requesting to enter. Water bottles are confiscated.

Deutsche Eiche Sauna – Munich, Germany

This is quite a unique place. To begin with, it is a full on gay sauna, located within a hotel. But it is not a gay hotel! It is a nice 3 star hotel listed on and all the other accommodation websites. It really makes you believe that only in Munich can something like this exist. And no word about the germans... 🙂

Badehaus Babylon Cologne – Cologne, Germany

What can I say? This place is absolutely gorgeous and it's huge too! Even in the outside of this place before you get in, there is a TV screen showing some promotional videos of the inside which looks spectacular. Once you go in you get your key and you can turn right to see a bunch of lockers on two floors. If you go left you will notice the big nice semi circular bar that offers plenty of cocktails, Great food etc.

NZ – Amsterdam, Netherlands

NZ really understands what this whole scene is all about. This place has been given tons of thought, care and attention possible. It's in the modern urban design but mostly you can find it in the little things such as the small white mint flavored candy spread throughout for your refreshment or the lube endless dispensers in the dark rooms and cabins.

The Watergarden – San Jose, CA

Secondly, there are no booths. There are rooms. All rooms costs money to accommodate. These rooms have clean lenings and all. Its like hotel rooms. But whats the point in renting your own room? The whole thing is being able to walk around and just spontaneously get into one of the rooms with someone you desire...

Pleasuredrome – London, UK

Nice big jacuzzi. The size can make it a pool even. Theres this new aluminium bars spreaded to allow laying down on the surface of the water. Nice feature.
Overall, this is a good sauna. Good size, nice atmosphere. A few tweaks and it could get back to its glamour days.

Sweatbox Soho – London, UK

So my boyfriend and I visited this place more than once and it defiantly is popular. There are a lot of hot guys of all kinds, so it is popular for sure. It is pretty much packed whenever you come so that can never be a bad thing. But if you care about hygiene at all, or if you are smell sensitive - well how can I put this? Prepare yourself for a hard journey and not in the good way.

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