Sweatbox Soho – London, UK

“The hottest, busiest, most loved sauna in central London”, yea yea. But. and there’s a big but. It’s actually really dirty, smelly and horribly maintained.

So my boyfriend and I visited this place more than once and it defiantly is popular. There are a lot of hot guys of all kinds, so it is popular for sure. It is pretty much packed whenever you come so that can never be a bad thing. But if you care about hygiene at all, or if you are smell sensitive – well how can I put this? Prepare yourself for a hard journey and not in the good way.


I don’t know if dirty is the word but the smell of mold cannot be ignored. Seems like this place desperately wishes it was completely renovated from scratch. How old is this place anyway?


Nothing specific here. Three floors with red or black colored walls. Prepare yourself for a lot of walking up and down the stairs between the wet area and the dry maze area.

Wet Sauna

There are actually two of those. One is extremely steam fuzzy, in such a way that you can barely breathe. Of course this also includes the moldy smell I mentioned earlier.

The second one is like a hallway that is also steamy in a way, but watch out – the moldy smell changes here to a mixture of mold and urine. Add to it that the water are not drained out as it should from the floors, creating a disgusting puddle.

Dry Sauna

Here again – there are two. One is accessed to from the other. Both are very badly maintained. With used chewing gum (that already turned black) spread all around the floor and the wood floors and walls. The door handle is made out of rope. Just put that rope under the microscope and you will never be back in this place I promise you.


To be honest, I didn’t even go in there. It looks somewhat unhealthy.

Mirror Room

Sounds much hotter than it really is. The theme park like mirrors make the body figures look a lot larger at times, completely missing the point.
Inevitably this is a must visit if you are in London. Mainly because it is the most popular sauna with the hottest guys. Luckily for this place, there are no real alternatives in London nowadays.

I’ll give London’s Sweatbox 50 degrees Celsius  (out of the boiling 100)

Sweatbox Soho is located at Ramillies House, 1-2 Ramillies St, Soho, London W1F 7LN, UK

Have you visited Sweatbox Soho before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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