Pleasuredrome – London, UK

I love the Pleasuredrome. Even though it is not as good as it used to be 6 years ago, it is still a favorite. Why? Because of the passing trains that gives it a special underground feeling like no other sauna.


Lots of thought was given when initially designing this place. Feels like these are old catacombs from before the century. There are two floors with a big nice jacuzzi/pool, two wet saunas and two dry ones downstairs and the standard maze and cabins upstairs.


More to the elderly side. At least during weekdays or so it seems. Here again – a withdrawal. I remembered this place packed with hotties. Not the case nowadays. Maybe they all went to Sweatbox?


Unfortunately I remembered this place a lot cleaner. During my last visit it was OK. Compared to other London saunas you can even call it clean.


I really don’t get the thing of not allowing you to order at the bar and pay on check out. This seems to be a hassle for the customer and a loss of revenue for the sauna owners. You need to go back to your locker to fetch cash every time you want a beer. Not the best way to enjoy a sauna afternoon.

Wet Sauna

There are actually two. One is positioned at the very back and is lit. The other is darker and more maze like.

Dry Sauna

Also here there are two. I don’t get why not use the extRa space for something more interesting. Who needs two? I guess there are times where the place is so packed that two are required. I didn’t feel any temperature differences in any case.


Nice big jacuzzi. The size can make it a pool even. Theres this new aluminium bars spreaded to allow laying down on the surface of the water. Nice feature.
Overall, this is a good sauna. Good size, nice atmosphere. A few tweaks and it could get back to its glamour days.

70 degrees Celsius (out of the boiling 100)

Pleasuredrome is located at Cornwall Road (Corner of Sandell Street in Arch), Cornwall Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8XE, UK

Have you visited Pleasuredrome before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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