The Watergarden – San Jose, CA

This place is a huge riddle. The weirdest place. Not that it ain’t super pretty. It is very nice, clean, spacious. Very American indeed. Problem is – it’s not exactly what you would expect of a gay sauna. If you are european, you are going to be surprised with many aspects of this place. To start – no alcohol aloud! Meaning you cannot enjoy the beautiful pool while sipping a cocktail. Bummer.

Secondly, there are no booths. There are rooms. All rooms costs money to accommodate. These rooms have clean lenings and all. Its like hotel rooms. But whats the point in renting your own room? The whole thing is being able to walk around and just spontaneously get into one of the rooms with someone you desire…

The most shocking thing is – sex is not permitted  in public spaces… And those spaces are not that sexy anyway… The relaxation area is designed like a school library. There is even a room with news channels showing all over…

In general there is a sense of “over security” which darkens the atmosphere even more. You are given two sets of keys- one for a locker and the other for a secured box. When you want to take anything out of that box you will be requested to give the key AND sign a paper. Once they verify your signature you are given access to the box. As if we are all carrying thousands of dollars on us. Don’t get it. Sorry. Oh and they also take your full details and register it on their computer. Very paranoid.

Other than that- its a nice place to relax. But its not sexy, or has a sexy atmosphere  whatsoever.

Giving The Watergarden a low 40 degrees Celsius

The Watergarden is located at 1010 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126, United States

Have you visited The Watergarden before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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