Saunawerk – Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt does have something to offer the sauna lovers with its huge, quaint Saunawerk just 10 min walk off the central Frankfurt area. So wether you are traveling for leuisre, have a long layover or even have a few days in town for business-  you will enjoy your time here.

Although the pool is huge, it wasn’t very popular

I was here on a Thursday night, and it was pretty crowded. Much more than I expected. This establishment is not new but it does have some very unique arrangement. Upon entry you will see the big bar with a small seating area followed by the lockers area.


You may be mistaken to think that this place is small. Well, it isn’t. If you go down the stairs you will get to the 2 dry sauna’s and a hamam. All good size and well maintained. Lots of hotties too at this early Thursday evening. Move along the corridor and you can then go upstairs to the wet steam room as well as a huge (cold) pool and a small jaocuzzi. Definitely lots of amenities. Although the pool is huge, it wasn’t very popular. The steam room and the jacuzzi were packed at all times…

There is even a door to the outside to a smoking area where you can smoke completely naked if you are brave enough to stand the cold.


What I liked best about this place is the variety of guys. All coming from different parts of the world, mostly for business, making it exciting to discover who came from which part of the world.


This place is clean. There were good aromas in the Finnish saunas and a good mint odor in the steam room.

Bring Cash

One tiny little issue Is that credit cards are not accepted so don’t forget to bring cash along with you.

All in all this is a good sauna. Not a brand new one, not fancy or shiny. But it has many different enjoyment areas to have fun and relax after a work day.

I would give Saunawerk a good 70 degrees Celsius out of 100. I believe I will be back.

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Have you visited Saunawerk before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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