Deutsche Eiche Sauna – Munich, Germany

The Deutsche Eiche means the German Oak. I wonder how is that related to this special place in the heart of lovely (but totally boring) Munich.

A Sauna or a Hotel?

This is quite a unique place. To begin with, it is a full on gay sauna, located within a hotel.  But it is not a gay hotel! It is a nice 3 star hotel listed on and all the other accommodation websites. It really makes you believe that only in Munich can something like this exist. And no word about the germans… 🙂


The other reason for it being one of a kind is the giant. Giant. GIANT!! wet sauna. These are some 4 areas combined together with different characteristics for each zone. Some areas are darker, lighter, more moist,  less moist, hoter, more chilled etc. never seen anything like this.


Having said that, and even though the ginormous wet sauna is a relatively high end feature, it could use some renovation touch ups. For me, plastic strips as sauna doors are not so hygienic nor esthetic.

Here’s a virtual tour of the place

Other than that, and if we take a look at the overall condition of this place… This is a big and nice gay sauna that is  being maintained fair enough plus.  There are quite a few sauna employees in there which are very proffesional and do their job very seriously.

Whirpool was fun as it is located right in the center of attention in front of the dry sauna. I spent some relaxing moments there exploring the locals.

Photo by Deutsche Eiche Hotel
Photo by Deutsche Eiche Hotel


This place is so popular. It was packed with all kinds of them. Young, old, hot and ugly. They were all there! It seems that this place is busy all the time on any given day.

I am defently going to be back considering, quite surprisingly, that this is the only gay sauna in central Munich.

Sauna Deutsche Eiche is getting a nice 85 degrees celsius.

Perhaps it was the cold cold weather outside, or that it actually was a really good sauna, which makes me want to go back to Munich and visit the Deutsche Eiche again. Maybe even a couple nights stay in the hotel (its resturant was packed at all times so it seems the food is good… you should check it out and let me know).

The Deutsche Eiche is located at Reichenbachstraße 13, 80469 München

Have you visited The Deutsche Eiche before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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  1. We stayed in the hotel overnight in April 2018, so we got a discount on entering the sauna and allowed in-out privileges. Was amazed on the number of sub-levels to the sauna. Fair size crowd for the middle of the week. Excellent wet area (steam sauna, hot tub, etc). Also, the steam room maze contributed to the fun factor. Next time in Munich, will definitely stay at hotel and visit sauna.


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