Chariots Vauxhall – London, UK

Welcome to Vauxhall, the hardcore gay area of London where anything and everything can happen, especially if you are certified party boy.
For me, this used to be where I would go out to clubs, drink, get drunk and pass out… those were the days. But today, I am looking for a comfortable sauna, where I can chill relax and play.

I have been in the Vauxhall Chariots before. Last time I was here, a few years back, this place was super empty. This time, it was a Sunday afternoon, and still – not as crowded as I would expect. Maybe this is more of an after party place which explains the thorough inspection performed for each person requesting to enter. Water bottles are confiscated.

The Jacuzzy

Since last time, I think, they have refurbished the Jacuzzi, which is definitely the best element of this sauna. It is the only place that looks somewhat new and maintained.
Water temperature was high just like it should and bubbles were tough and fun.


There are two medium sized wet saunas and one if not two dry ones as well. Some mazes and rooms with very old black mattresses that I wouldn’t sit or lay on. The leather like material was crumbling up and scuffed.

Other than that, the place has not been maintained properly. Toilets are in bad, bad shape. Mold and rust all over. Looking for hygiene? Go look somewhere else.

Having said that, in comparison to other gay saunas in London (known for its not-so-hygienic saunas) – this place is not the worst you can expect.

Fun can still happen here. There were a couple of cute guys, and just before I left, some others joined.

Photo by Chariots Vauxhall


This is on the verge of non-existent. It is basically the reception desk from the other side.
Drinks are served in cans with no glass or straw. Ice seems like a privilege from another continent. In addition, there are two vending machines and both were out of service… bummer. You do need to carry cash with you so no bill at the exit here. Keep 1 pound for activating the locker.

All in all this is not a favorite as you already can understand, but if you are in the area and thinking of checking it out… you might just have a little fun.

And another comment – after experiencing the conditions of the facilities here, it is quite pricey to charge 19 pounds for an entry. You do get two towels though, and they were clean and of high quality.

The Vauxhall gets 10 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100

63-64 Albert Embankment, Lambeth, London SE1 7TP

Have you visited Chariots Vauxhall before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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