Sundeck – Bern, Switzerland

I came to this place with many hesitations. First of all it was snowing that day, which led me to believe that the place might be  empty. Second of all, this is Bern. This is Switzerland. So what? You ask. Bern is a small medival city, although it is the capital of Switzerland, it is pretty quiet and not very busy. But after visiting some of Zurich’s gay sauna options, it turns out it was a wise desicion to go in.

Photos by Sundeck, visit

Sundeck was a pleasant surprise. It all starts when they ask you to choose the color of the towel which I thought is a nice feature(later I found out its a swiis gay sauna thing). Then continues when you are given an electronic bracelet key. All you need to do is place it close to your locker and the locker automatically opens up.
The place is actually really nice and most of it is covered with a wall-to-wall rug, which I thought was refreshing, and easy on your “saunad-out” feet.


But the main feature of this place is definitely the wet sauna. Once you go inside you immediately feel like you are in Efteling or Disneyland. The walls are covered with fake stone which actually looks real and there are dozens of led light dots within those stone scenery. This gives the place the feel of a theme park ride, and it kinda is… haha.

The small Jacuzzi is also covered with man made stones and features two tiny waterfalls

There are also two dry saunas, a small Jacuzzi bath that can hold 2 to 4 people and a tiny cold pool for the crazy german speaking leute (aren’t they crazy!??).

The small Jacuzzi is also covered with man made stones and features two tiny waterfalls. One for Coldwater and the other for hot water. Both create ‏a tepid-warm bubbling Jacuzzi.

Another great element that I thiught was absolutely genius is the way they put different city names next to each towel hanger. This way- it is harder to steal towels from each other (by mistake of course… NOT).


There is a beautiful sundeck of course, it would be kinda ridiculous if there wasn’t… unfortunately i did not have the chance to check it out because of the weather.

I am wondering how many days out of the year it is actually reasonable to use the subdeck… probably like 3 out of 365.

In addition there’s a fairly large cruising area with nice sized mattresses which are not covered with the regular fake leather/sky. Instead these are actually quite comfy beds with normal fabric linens.


This was a regular Wednesday afternoon and considering the snow outside this place was quite packed. We should also remember that the place is not located in the middle of Bern. It is actually outside of the inner circle of the city.

The one or two things that I have to mention is that it was quite expensive to get in. 34 CHF Which are almost like US$34, making it the most expensive gay sauna that I have ever visited.

The second is that the owners must change the footage on the site or on Google, as it does not do justice to the place. It is highly maintaind and pretty beautiful establishment whereas the photos online look outdated and not complimeting. The logo and brandung could also use a 2.0 touch.

If I am ever in Bern again, I will pay another visit to sundeck. And you should too!

This great, clean, special sauna gets a nice 70 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100.

Located at  Länggassstrasse 65, 3012 Bern, Switzerland

Have you visited Sundeck before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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  1. I have been to this sauna several times now on different days of a week – mostly nobody there apart from elderly men with fat belly – waste of time and money!


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