Moustache Sauna – Zurich, Switzerland

Moustache’s story, to me, is like the story of Zurich. It is really pretty, absolutely beautiful, clean, modern, well maintained, exquisitely designed, but unfortunately, somewhat boring.

Upon entrance, you get to choose the color of your towel. Something that apparently is a swiss gay sauna standard, since this is also the case in the great Sundeck sauna in Bern.

Photo by Moustache Sauna


Even though this place dates back to the 80’s, it has been renovated lately. The black, gold, brown and red colors are leading the thoughtful interior design. There is a great attention to details here and it shows. It isn’t too big, but it is a sexy, convinient sauna that somewhat resembles NZ Amsterdam decor-wise.


So what do we have at Moustache sauna? There is a dry sauna and a dry bio-sauna, whatever that is. To me it just feels like the temperature is far less than in the regular one. There is of course a nice size wet sauna with an in-sauna TV screen which I thought was a nice touch.

The medium size jacuzzi was definitely my favorite spot. Since there wasn’t that much action in other areas, I could chill and relax in this hot bubbly tub. “No sex in the jacuzzi” says the sign, although during the time I was there, there wasn’t seem to be any sex, anywhere.

One extraordinary feature is the foam room. It is a small glass cube filled with soap bubbles. All the time!! Ain’t that cool? It makes the play a whole lot more slippery, in a good way.

Another speciality – in the showers you will find a feet sanitizer! First time I am seeing that.

There is a large crusing area with all the regular amenities such as flat TV screens, free lube and condoms, as well as  leather like mattresses. But for some reason, no action, although the place was kind of packed. Maybe we should blame the layout?

The lounge area in front of the jacuzzi has nice straw sun beds with very comfy matresses where you can lay down and relax with a beer. It even faetures a nice attached pillow.

Restrooms are very clean, but, although there are sanitizer containers to clean the seat, these were empty.

The staff are extremely nice and there tons of reading materials such as Spartacus guides and local magazines.


This is where it gets disappointing. Moustache does not attract many young/hot lads. It could be because of the overpriced entry cost, or it could be the specific time that I had been there. But still, I managed to enjoy my time.

To summarize 

This is a beautiful sauna in the middle of a beautiful city, a good choice if you are in town and looking for a clean place to relax and enjoy, but don’t expect major action.

I give it 80 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100.

Moustache is located at Engelstrasse 4, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

Have you visited Moustache before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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  1. Visited in April 2018. Only a handful of people present for the evening of a weekday. Most activity was in the steam room and a some of the booths. Rest of sauna was quiet. Was expecting a larger crowd.


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