Reno’s Relax – Zürich, Switzerland

Langstrasse – long street, is Zurich’s official Red Light District area where hustlers, working lads and ladys and other interesting characters spend their day. It is an intriguing location that would light your “filthy” inner self. So what else other then a good old gay sauna is more appropriate to be located right in the heart of this district?

Photos by Reno’s Relax –


Reno’s Relax is the sweet spot for any homosexual who is turned on by mature man. It is also a place where local German and French speaking men chill and spend their day. I have visited here after the lovely Moustache Sauna and you cannot ignore the differences.

This place is a local, friendly, non-fashionable yet highly equipped sauna, whereas Moustache is much more up to date, tourist golden trap like.

Reno’s place was packed with guys that are probably 55+. Which is great- if that’s what you are into.

It is very clean and the staff are extremely nice and proffesional. The place is decorated in orange and black colors and is well maintained. I would say the general theme is somewhat African.

Reno’s hosts bi-sexual on Wednesday and Friday, so you should take this into account.


I should start by mentioning that there is no Jacuzzi here which is a bummer. Instead there is a nice size steam room and a tiny freezing pool if that’s your thing. The steam room has an inner TV screen showing great porn, as featured in Moustache Sauna. All the way to the other side, crossing the bar, there are many play areas that are darker then the usual, which could contribute to the action level although this was not the case when I was here.

A cool feature that some of you will probably love are the door handles. If you wish to open up the sauna or steam room doors, you will need to grab onto a huge thick 20cm cock, as these are the actual door handles! Haha

There are two relaxion beds in between the bar and the cruising area if you wish to lay down, relax, and watch the coming and going.

Bar offers small snacks as well as very cheesy (and smelly) toasts, on top of the regular coffee, beer and soft drinks.

There is a relaxation room with commercial channels tv and a PC, although it was requesting money when trying to open up a browser…


You can combine your visit to lovely Reno’s with a shopping spree in the sex shop downstairs. Seemd fully packed with all the necessaties.

All in all this is a nice quiet sauna, good size and very kind staff. Jump by if you are in Zurich’s notorious Red Light District.

I give this place 60 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100

Reno’s Relax is located at Kernstrasse 57, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

Have you visited Reno’s Relax before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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