Römersauna – Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s Römersauna is what I like to call a boutique sauna – it’s rather small and doesn’t include all the fancy facilities, but it is well maintained and has all you need to relax and have fun.
The place is flawlessly clean (as you’d expect in Vienna) and hosts a mixed crowd of hot guys.

The entrance floor includes the locker room, bar and two saunas – dry & wet. Upbit dance hits are playing at the bar, creating a party vibe as you enter the place.

Photos by Römersauna
Walking down the stairs leads to a small play area in the basement floor. As I already mentioned, it is not very spacious so one back and forth round covers about all you can see in here, which is a bit disappointing for anyone looking for the gay sauna endless maze experience.

The same issue is relevant to the dry and wet saunas in which everything inside is visible in a glimpse.

That being said, the consistent flow of mixed gay crowd in the weekends, makes Romersauns a great place in which anyone can find a mate for a chat or some action.

The staff is super friendly and the kitchen serves a small but delicious variety of bar food including pizza, toasts, hot dogs (or should I say curry-wurst?) and fries. I really enjoyed the prescuto pizza.


Dimmed red lights, candles and marble patterned walls create the illusion of a modern vienna brothel. Although the bar area seemed to be carefully designed, less thought was given to the basement area where there are clean and comfy cabins with no design what so ever.


All cabins and play areas are equipped with  paper dispensers for the fuckers’ convenience.

What is less convenient is that no condoms or lube are available on the play floor so you have to go upstairs to the bar when in need. Kinda ruin the moment if you ask me so you better take some with you before heading down.


The lack of a jacuzzi or a hot tub was a bummer since this is usually one of my favorite chilling spots.

Surprisingly, although we’re in 2017 there was no specified smoking area. Instead, smoking was allowed anywhere on the bar area, which is really not so cool when you choke from all the smoke like in a seventies movie theater.


Twinks Bears daddy’s Asians black and Mediterranean – this place has it all. Not much action is seen in the public areas but I guess the Austrian fellows like to keep it private.

To summarize

A nice clean and well maintained gay sauna with a friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere. Not my first choice in Vienna but definitely an option if you’re looking for a more intimate place to hang.

I give it 65 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100.

Römersauna is located at Rüdigergasse 2, A-1050 Vienna, Austria.

This blog post has been written by a guest blogger

Have you been to Römersauna? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comment down below

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