Trombeta Bath – Lisbon, Portugal

Have you ever considered visiting Lisbon? If so, this post will make you jump on a plane to this awesome, beautiful city. I had no big hopes for Lisbon when it comes to a gay sauna. After all, I was quite disappointed with what neighboring Spain had to offer. Luckily, this was a welcoming surprise!

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This was Sunday around noon time. Trombeta Bath from the outside seemed very quite, and I was suspecting it is going to be fairly empty. Once you get in, you already can feel the beats of the crazy party that was going on downstairs. This is not the typical gay sauna. This was a P-A-R-T-Y venue, with some typical gay sauna facilities. The entire place was dark with loud house music and a hot DJ shuffling near a small bar right next to the cute Jacuzzi. The place was packed with hot hot hot Portuguese boys which I found very friendly and hotter than anywhere else, maybe only second to the Spanish crowed I saw in Madrid. The party area has some nice seating spaces and if you walk across the locker area there is a big space where all the doors were locked and all gloryholes were shut close. Not sure what is the purpose of this area, possibly some private cabins. Bottom line – no action here.

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If action is what you seek, keep exploring this venue until you get to the labyrinth. Marked clearly with a sign – this huge space is very dark and had some very cute boys looking for play. Careful though, this place is darker than any other space – walk slowly and make sure you get familiarized with this area.

There is a small dry jacuzzi and a good size steam room – but unfortunately, it was barely used by anyone. Large shower area with good stream was another cool feature. there is an additional area with big screen broadcasting porn with some couches to rest.

This place is very cool – it is a combination of a club and a sauna. It differs tremendously from the saunas in western europe such as Amsterdam or Berlin merely by the fact that it has loud music and it is dark. If you are looking to sit down with a coffee to read some magazine – this is not the place for you.

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The crowed was full of youngsters but older guys will not feel out-of-place – anyone and everyone is welcome.

In terms of cleanliness – well – not the cleanest gay sauna but definitely not as dirty as in UK or Spain. So generally speaking this is a clean and safe venue to visit.

Overall I give Trombeta Bath a nice 70 degrees celsius out of the boiling 100. For sure a place worth visiting.

Trombeta Bath is located at R. do Trombeta 1C, 1200-471 Lisbon

Have you visited Trombeta Bath before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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