SaunApolo 56 – Lisbon, Portugal

Let me begin by saying – SaunApolo 56 is not for the gay faint hearted. It is a combined sauna for men, woman and transgenders. Be prepared for some heterosexual porn broadcasted across the venue. Bisexuals gays and even Heterosexuals are the target audience of SaunApolo 56.

To me. This was far from a fun experience. Although the place is extremely clean, there were only 3 other visitors other than myself and although this can happen anywhere, the entry price was a true exaggeration. €30 entry price for single male. Females and male-female couples entry differ and are €20 per person. Given the fact that this place did not have a jacuzzi to sit down and relax until the place gets busier, I think this was a ridiculously overpriced fee.

The lack of jacuzzi could have been somewhat compensated for, by using the Hydro Shower facility – SaunApolo 56 charges €20 for 1 hour of use.

Other areas of the venue include a large clean dark room, porn cinema room, lounge area with magazines, bar, showers and lockers.

You are given 2 towels and a set of weird looking flip flops. For such an entry price you would expect at least a free drink as they wisely offer at NZ Amsterdam.

Another thing that I found disappointing was the fact that some areas were closed with large heavy doors. Especially the two glory-hole rooms.

The medium size wet sauna or steam room was well lighten which I found to be non-functional.

It might be that I came at the wrong time, and maybe during weekends this place is pumping with some hot action going on. I suggest you check it out and let me know in the comments down below.

All in all I give SaunApolo 56 a lame 40 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100.

SaunApolo 56 is located at R. Luciano Cordeiro 56A, 1150-069 Lisboa, Portugal

Have you been to SaunApolo 56? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comment down below

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