Royal Hammam Sauna – Milan, Italy

The Royal Hammam is something special. These are the kind of places that will make you feel that it is a privilege to be gay. It is located outside of the city center but is well worth the ride. Especially if it is a Sunday and the sun is shining.

Upon entrance, after crossing the lockers area there is a small bar and a big lounge area with couches and tables.

This place has a big, beautiful swimming pool and a huge jacuzzi with some unique features. The jacuzzi is fully “jetted” with some water fountains to wash of your sweat, and you will be sweating in here.

Across from the jacuzzi there are showers. Unfortunately some did not work but i wouldn’t be that picky since this place is really a palace of fun.

The wet sauna is a two floor!! steam room where the top floor is slightly less boiling than the bottom one. Both were very full and active at all times.

Exit the wet sauna and across there is a large cruising area. Again, two floors of dark areas and small booths.

The pool area was hosting a party with sun beds, drinks and music.

The Italian crowed in this place was far hotter than in the Metro Club Sauna and consisted of guys of all ages and types but mostly the young and beautiful.

Royal Hammam Sauna gets a whooping 90 degrees Celsius, so you better check it out ASAP.

The Royal Hammam Sauna is located at 16, Via Plezzo, 20132 Milano MI, Italy

Have you been to The Royal Hammam? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comment down below

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