Shogun Club – Singapore

Welcome to Singapore. A modern haven in the center of 3rd world countries. Being here for the first time I had to check out the gay saunas’ scene pf Singapore as well as in Asia generally. This is a small local place. And I say local since it appears to be locally owned and visited by many locals.

Upon entry which is kind of hidden behind restaurants and stores in the middle of the China Town area, you will walk up a staircase towards old entry counter occupied by a sweet ild Chinese grandad. You will pay SG$12 to get in and get a clean towel and a lock. I did not ask for flip flops but it seems no one was wearing them.

First floor includes locker area with bulk size old school locks on them, a tiny smoking room for the inhalers as well as a cruising maze behind an old cloth.

On the second floor there are additional cruising corridors with some cabins. This floor is very dark and you can barely see whats going on so watch your step.

This place is not for the faint hearted simply because it is small and there are not many spaces for you to sit down and relax. The place was packed with locals on a Saturday evening and I would expect it to be this way throughout the weekend.

hygiene does not seem as a priority here. The place is quite run down and I would recommend going there if you really want to get straight down to business.

Clientele may be a more pushy than you would expect from similar venues in Europe. You will need to use force to reject the ones interested. Being a foreigner will for sure make you desired.

Overall I would give Shogun Club a low 20 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100.

Shogun Club is located at 51A Pagoda Street Pagoda House, Singapore

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