Cruise Club – Singapore

The Cruise Club may just be as close as you can get to a modern European style gay sauna in Singapore. It is definitely better then the other option two blocks away – the Shogun Club.

On the other hand this place charges way more than it should. A SG$6 charge for membership is compulsory and is added to the SG$33 entry price which is equivalent to US$28.

Upon entry you will be given a towel and a necklace with your key which I found unique. You will then see the locker area and the gym where beautiful asian boys work out half naked.

Proceed forward and you will see the jacuzzi which is unfortunately cold. Then, a small courtyard is utilized as a lounge area and small benches are scattered.

One thing which was a bummer is that the steam room kinda stinks so I couldn’t spend more than a few moments in it.

Other than that, and it seems like a thing in Singapore, the sauna is very very dark on the verge of being really dangerous, so walk slowly.

Many maze areas and cabins are spreaded throughout the venue. If you are tired go upstairs and you will find a nice chill out zone with beds to lay and a porch with free beverages.

On Sunday there is a special event starting at 7:00PM. All patrons need to wear “skin”, meaning – nothing, on the 2nd and 3rd floor. You will get a stick-light according to your sexual preference and these will glow in the darkrooms. Cool feature that has been announced throughout the place by a professional voice over artist which I found intriguing.

Overall this is a modern sauna with a lot of young guys looking for action. If you are a sauna fan, make sure to visit this place when visiting Singapore.

I give Cruise Club gay sauna in Singapore a mediocre 50 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100.

Cruise Club is located at 285 New Bridge Rd, Singapore

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