Plotu – Essen, Germany

Have you ever been to Essen? Probably not. Have you been to Cologne? More chances you have. If you ever get a chance, please take the short train from Cologne or Dusseldorf to visit Pluto sauna in Essen. This just might be the biggest, most outrageous gay sauna you will ever visit!

The only reason I came here was a recommendation from a local gay couple who had said this might be the best and prettiest gay sauna in Germany. Knowing that Germany’s gay saunas are amongst the best in the world, I just had to check it out. I wish I did that before though.

Pluto is huge. It is no way near the size of its competitors. It has 3 big floors where their staircases width between floors can fit 10 men stepping in a row.

There is a ginormous pool on the main floor with powerful jets as well as a big bubbly jacuzzi at the bottom floor.

Upon entry you will enter a long corridor of lockers before you step down to the main floor with the pool, showers, full bar with many food and drink options, lounge area with magazines and MAC computer for use as well as a dry sauna.

Take a trip up the stairs and you will find an endless cruising area with a cinema and glory holes and of course cabins with dimmed lights and mattresses. There are even automatic dispensers for lube!

The lower floor has the jacuzzi, a huge hammam hall, cabins, showers, rest area with big pufs to lay on and a giant steam room with maze like corridors within.

This place is so big that you may get lost. I visited on Sunday afternoon and though there were many visitors, it cannot really get crowded.

Unfortunately this was late July and like any place in Germany, it was all too hot. I don’t think the place is equipped with proper air conditioning and if it does, it didn’t seem to overcome the heat. I recommend visiting outside of the summer time period or only on colder days as it might be exhausting to walk around in a sauna at this heat. Luckily you can jump in the cold (but not too cold) pool to chill your body.

Pluto sauna in Essen is a must for all gay sauna lovers. It is truly the shrine of all gay saunas. It is 12 years old and it is hard to believe someone planned and built this place as it is a symbol of hedonism. Come visit Pluto.

I give this place a whopping 100 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100. I was really amazed.

Pluto sauna is located at Viehofer Str. 49, 45127 Essen, Germany

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