Pansauna – Cologne, Germany

The Pan Sauna is or at least was one of the less known venues in the city of Cologne. Well for me that is. Until now.

This is a mixed sauna, meaning some days cater gay men only while on other days it hosts both sexes- men and women. If you are a straight or bi-sexual men reading this – YES! Men and woman in a sauna. Naked. Getting to know each other and occasionally having sex with strangers.

It was just two weeks later where I met a guy in the Sun City sauna in central Paris that told me he really loves the Pansauna, and that made me a little bit surprised. He really likes the fact that bisexual men are in the sauna and he could hook up with them, which makes the whole thing a lot more exciting for him. I asked him if the presence of women in the sauna did not bother him and he replied that “on the contrary, they are very nice and welcoming, free spirits”

My visit to the Pansauna in Cologne took place on Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday are solely for gay or bi men. It was a slow evening but I could say there were about 20 people.

This is a small sauna when compared to the two other giants in Cologne – the Babylon and the Phoenix. The later is actually managed by the same owner and who had used to also own the Phoenix in Essen which today is known as Pluto Sauna as well as the almighty Der Boiler in Berlin

Decor-wise there is not so much to mention here. The place is designed a little bit like a (cheap) business hotel. Very contemporary style of reds and black but nothing to come for specifically.

The crowd was almost completely mature men who have been waiting anxiously for the Aufguss routine. If you ask what that means you probably never visited a gay sauna in germany. The Aufguss basically means all men seat in the dry sauna and boil themselves with aroma liquid that vaporizes scents for the enjoyment of the patrons. For me, the heat becomes unbearable at some point so I usually skip the fun.

The bar was where most of the action took place. There is a nice selection from the menu if you are hungry or just wanting some coffee. It seems that this place is where locals like to meet together and hang. Mostly 50+, at least on that Tuesday.

If you wish to have a sexual massage, you can register yourself upon entry. The masseuse was rather cute looking, wouldn’t mind having a massage, but unfortunately I had to leave quickly this time.

All in all, I do not see any reason why one shouldn’t cross the street to the much more exciting Phoenix Sauna, where all ages come to enjoy in a huge modern sauna. But I guess I do want to come back for two reasons. 1 – To check out that masseuse. 2 – To try and get over my fear of enjoying a mixed night for both men and women.

I give the Pansauna a moderate 60 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100.

Pansauna is located at Händelstraße 31, 50674 Köln, Germany

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  1. Enjoyed visiting there from Sydney found the men there very sexy up with 2 couples into a 3some developed into great fucking,sucking,kissing, don’t remember all that happen .


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