Gym Louvre – Paris, France

Welcome to the Gym Louvre, the gay sauna most perfectly located right off the Louvre at the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Finished a day of shopping in the Forum des Halles shopping mall? Well, take just a few steps and you will arrive at 7 Rue du Louvre street to the Gym Louvre sauna.

The Gym Louvre has a fascinating concept of a full on gym with a gay sauna! Who would’ve thought? True, many gay sauna’s have a gym section or area, such as the Sweatbox in London, but in the Gym Louvre it is not a small section, it is a whole floor with all the equipment you could expect from a gym membership.

Unfortunately, this place did not take this concept to the next level as it has some flaws…

Firstly, cleanliness is a big issue here. This place is rather on the filthiest side. Floors are dirty, the smell of mold in the showers and wet sauna area are disappointing. Inside the hammam it does get better though! and you could definitely have some fun in there. Its size is pretty big. There is also a dry sauna which is smaller in size but smells good!

The furniture in the corridors and TV area seem like it had not been replaced for ages and they are made of fabric that absorbs the humidity – pretty nasty. If you could only spread a big towel and sit, but no, you can’t. This is because upon entry you receive a tiny 20×20 cm towel that barely covers your crotch. What’s the deal with this?

A spark of positivity is the price. We paid €14 for two! And one could pretty much enjoy a nice 1 or 2 hours in here as the crowd in this sauna consists of all kinds of everyone which is always a really good benefit when it comes to ending a nice day of strolling around Paris.

For the other days you may be spending in Paris, where you have more spare time to spend, I suggest you also check out Sun City Sauna or IDM as better alternatives.

I give Gym Louvre a mediocre 20% Celsius out of the boiling 100

Gym Louvre is located at 7 Rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France

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