357 Sydney City Steam – Sydney, Australia

Am I in Asia or Australia? Wasn’t so sure when I visited the 357. The place was packed with cute Asians and is also designed in a way that truly reminded me of the Shogun Club in Singapore. Although, of course, you can’t really compare the cramped venue of Singapore to the 4 story 357, but crowd wise, decor wise and the dark lighting are the same.



The 357 is a big venue, set on 4 floors, with a (slow) elevator connecting them. The upper floor is unique as it has a Cinema of actual movies with a line up of Hollywood movies screening throughout the day. Also on the top floor is a resting room, huge cafe with food option and computers. Note that the use of cellphones is banned in this floor and is only allowed in the locker area.

Bottom floor include the lockers area, Jacuzzi, steam room and dry sauna.

In between these floors – many cruising areas, dark as hell, and complicated mazes that will for sure get you lost in no time.

One thing is for certain. This is the most packed sauna in Sydney. It was so full on the Sunday I visited. Beautiful Asians make 95% of visitors, so if this is your thing, you came to the right place.


The place is fairly clean, but not so clean when compared to the Sydney Sauna or the Bodyline. It is also the one with the smallest jacuzzi, you could say it is tiny actually. That wouldn’t prevent guys from squeezing themselves into it at all cost.

The atmosphere here, in my opinion, is far from sexy. This is a place for you to come and meet friends, relax and enjoy, but it is not slizzy or cruisy in anyway. For me, cruising in such darkness as provided here, is less fun… I need to see something!


Bottom line, this is a lively sauna, super packed with guys and super central. The only one out of the traditional gay area in Darlinghurst. You should definitely check it out when in town.

I give this place a nice 70 degrees Celsius although I must admit, it’s not my type of place.

The 357 sauna is at 357 Sussex St, Sydney

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