Sydney Sauna – Sydney, Australia

Sydney! Australia! If you made it down under, you probably had a good reason. Feels like the moon might be closer. In any case, if you are seeking some information about Sydney’s gay sauna scene, you came to the right place.

Sydney Sauna is a beautiful venue and seems that a lot of thought have been put into the design of this place. Upon entry you will see a bunch of big lockers followed by a lounge area which is dark and where porn is displayed. You can sit and relax on the big black sofas or even sleep, as many did when I visited. Then you can proceed to the wet area which has a bug bubbly new Jacuzzi. In front of the jacuzzi is the shower area, one of two, and a wet steam room as well as a dry sauna. Follow a short corridor and you will discover the cruising area. Again, one of two main cruising areas. The second is actually downstairs.

The cruising areas are nice and clean. The downstairs area has a blow job dedicated area where one can enter a room and a partner can work on his cock from the other side while the recipient can watch porn.

I visited on a Friday night around midnight. You would expect the place to be full but unfortunately it wasn’t. It also was not empty but the crowd was quite sleepy. Later that weekend I checked Sydney Sauna on the Sunday, expecting it to be as crowded as it gets, only to discover it was even more empty. Are saunas not so popular with the Sydney gay community? Let me know down in the comments.

I am not sure if the venue is the reason for the lack of patrons. Maybe it is the way its built, lit or arranged, but it is definitely not the atmosphere you would want and expect from such a place. This leads me to believe there must be better saunas in this huge city, the city with the largest suburbs in the world!

If you are in Sydney, and although this place is pretty and clean, I would rate it as no.3 out of the three saunas I checked out such as the Bodyline and the 357

I give the Sydney Sauna an OK 60 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100.

The Sydney Sauna is located at 38/42 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney

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